Who we are

We are a mentoring program that prepares students to be their most competitive as they prepare and apply to college. We provide them with academic enrichment, mentoring, workshops, entrance exam test prep, volunteer opportunities, field trips, and community partnerships in order to make sure our organization’s student fellows stay on the best path to college.


To enrich the academic growth and increase the competitiveness of our student fellows in their admission to college.


Some high-potential students lose motivation because they realize the odds of collegiate success are stacked against them. They know that students who come from high-income families have a competitive edge in college admissions. They see their friends attending countless extracurricular activities, receiving tutoring, or even private college counseling; they see these peers perform better on standardized tests, and get doors opened for them left and right; they see the costs of tuition, and overworked guidance counselors at school saddled with an average 500:1 student:counselor ratio, it is easy to become demoralized and discouraged. And it is a shame when these students lower their ambitions, and resign themselves to a place within the lower rungs of their academic potential.

The Path to College, Inc. is here to disrupt these unfortunate trends. Education continues to be the best path to personal and society advancement, and it is imperative to open doors for the most deserving students whenever possible.


· Introduce students to opportunities for personal growth. Increase student test scores, scholarships, and college acceptance rates.

· Create cycles of civic service to help the next generation of students better their academic potential.


We believe access to higher education leads to a fuller and richer life, ultimately leading to broader societal advancement.

We are a community of compassionate mentors who are devoted to continuing education for underprivileged adolescents.

We understand that students from financially insecure households are less likely to pursue the heights of their academic potential, and are often unguided along the sometimes complicated path to college.

We are committed to providing this much needed guidance and extracurricular investment and are committed to preparing the next generation of scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Average ACT score achieved by ALL INCOMES
It costs on average, only $6,750 for a low-income student to attend a competitive university
ONLY 50.9% of low-Income graduates attend a university
Average SAT score achieved by ALL INCOMES